Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Course online AutoCAD Plant 3D (English)

Course AutoCAD Plant 3D Beginner to In intermediate (English)

For now just 23.5 USD from 45 USD (Click link to  order)

Payment methods for buying online tutorials after finished select course.

1. record the receipt 
2. Send to surachet@plant3dtutor.com
4. Login your browser with same Gmail.
3. Check notification from your Email.
4. Click join the classroom.
* Download application Google classroom to your Mobile 
*For iPad and iPhone can set media to Available offline.

Topic of this course

Chapter 1: Create Project and General setting.(Finished)
*Click link to watch VDO tutorial.

Chapter 2: Parametric Equipment.(Finished)
  • Create Parametric Equipment.
  • Equipment nozzle setting.
  • Equipment template.
  • Create centrifugal pump.
Chapter 3: Structural.(Finished)
  • Create structure grid line.
  • Add JIS Member.
  • Create footing and plate.
  • Create column and Beam.
  • Create ladder.
  • Railing and Cutting member.
Chapter 4: 3DPiping Basic without P&ID Data. (Finished)
  • Insert Reduce ECC Type to pump.
  • The First 3D Pipe Routing.
  • Place inline component and Isogen.
  • Override to 3D Piping to P&ID Data.
  • Production Iso
Chapter 5: Piping arrangement with P&ID data.( In progress)
  • Use P&ID Line list.
  • Copy existing with base point.
  • Pipe fitting feature.
  • Change pipe elevation.
  • Line to pipe.
  • Elevation routing.
Chapter 6: Isometric Drawing setting.( In progress )
  • Symbol and reference.
  • Iso style setup.
  • Iso style default setting.
  • Annotation.
  • Dimension.
  • Theme.
  • Slope and offset setting.
  • Title block and display. 
Chapter 7: Isometric Title block setup. (Price up to 35 USD)( In progress )
  • Title block and attributes.
  • Change paper size and limit drawing.
  • Iso Theme.
  • Isometric Area and table placement.
  • Iso Annotation.
  • Iso creation and import export to PCF
Chapter 8: Othographic drawing.( In progress )
  • Title block setting.
  • Create new drawing and new view.
  • Otho editor setting.
  • Edit view.
  • Adjacent view.
  • Update view.
  • Report Creator
Chapter 9: Custom part from pipe spec. (Price up to 45 USD)( In progress )
  • Create a new iso metric symbol.
  • IsoSkeyAcadBlockmap.
  • Iso config.
  • Pipe spec and catalog editor.
  • Iso metric testing.
Chapter 10: NavisWorks.( In progress )
  • File handling.
  • Setting file unit and sharing.
  • Navigate Project.
  • walk through and rendering
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